Career in Publishing Industry

The publishing industry is the second largest among all creative industries. On the face of it, it doesn’t seem to be that big, but it is definitely big and equally different. It’s just not limited to the popular magazines, newspapers and some books. In fact, there are hundreds of consumer specific and business-to-business (B2B) magazines, professional journals as well as education textbooks among others that represent the backbone of the industry.

In addition, there is a kind of huge explosion that the world is witnessing, in digital publishing.Putting all these together makes it easy to understand how big the publishing industry really is.

The roles & careers in publishing industry aren’t limited to that of editorial & production side. In fact, there are roles, which don’t get talked about like those of editors, journalists and publishers. But there’s always a need for professionals to handle intellectual property rights, events, IT, distribution, design and sales and marketing among others.

Moreover, there’re case specific jobs that may demand dealing with author interviews for the media, or handling arrangements for an exhibition stand at some popular book fair. Additionally, there’re some others like one that include negotiation of rights for a new novel or dealing with the advertising for a popular magazine with some meaningful circulation.

Those with graduation degree in their hands can definitely look for a career in publishing. But, being a postgraduate, unquestionably, adds to the employability quotient. No doubt, there is some good space for people, having some good negotiation skill, good command over English language and a minute sense of commerce among others. Despite all these things, it’s a big advantage if one has a master’s degree in publishing.

A good master’s degree is one that covers books, magazines and online publishing along with giving training in sector specific software. One more thing that must be a part of MA in publishing course is work A professional degree of this kind adds extensively to career progression in publishing industry. At the start of one’s career, salaries are definitely at the lower side of the spectrum. But publishing industry is definitely a nice place to be in and money only gets better with time.