Career In Vocational Courses

Education has undergone a sea change from the traditional professional degrees to vocational courses that caters to the talent and taste of the student. These courses come with certification and license .The courses are offered at trade schools, technical schools, junior colleges or community centre which lasts for 6-12 months with the benefit of completing it part-time. In addition many classes are offered at night and on weekends for convenience.

There are a whole of courses to choose according to your time and the requirement. Some of the popular courses with great job openings are listed below:

Healthcare: With tremendous growth opportunities one can filter through courses such as diabetes specialist nursing, acute care nursing, oncology nursing, geriatric nursing, dental hygiene, renal technology, physical therapy to name a few. The duration of the course depends on the vocational course chosen.
Cosmetology: Cosmetologists care for people’s skin, hair and nails. In this field one can work as hairstylist or hair dresser, offer services for manicure, pedicure, facials in spa and salon. Cosmetology, hairstyling and beauty profession are booming industry. With good skills ,training and license one can open a wig salon, hair weaving /braiding salon, manicure/facial salon etc.
Massage Therapy: Desire to interact with people and the passion to render services with power of hands, massage therapy is the ideal course. It is basically a clinical work. Serving to relax the client, rehabilitate patients after injuries and alleviate pain in the muscle. One can also specialize in sports massage therapy to relieve athletes of pain, stress and heal injuries. A thriving course, can find job in many areas like health clinic, spa, salon, private practice or have own client base after gaining experience.
Culinary course: Culinary arts help to hone skill in the catering industry. It trains in cooking, baking, pastry, wine and food services. It enables  one to work as short order cook, food preparation assistant, fast food cook etc. in cafés, bars fast food outlets or work as executive chef, pastry chef, food and beverage manager, catering manager, events manager etc. in, restaurants /hotels or can work in catering and event companies.

The vocational courses  can boost the career opportunities within a short span of time, an investment for bright future and  achieving your goal in the desired field.