Career In Writing

There are many options in writing in case someone wishes to build a career in it. Earlier it was all about writing books or that for news papers.

But, there is no such limitation any more. With the inclusion of online writing, the horizon of career options in writing has widened significantly.

There are many factors that one needs to understand before going along. At a broader level it can be categorized under two sections namely creative writing and non-creative writing. So, one must analyze and check the writing skills and level of imagination before going for either of the two.

Creative writing is all about imagination, be it fiction or non-fiction. It demands a very deep rooted flair for writing and skills to take the readers along with the thought process of the writer. It can be achieved only if the writer has a knack for storytelling and understands the pulse of the readers.

Depending upon the skills one can choose from short story, poem, feature writing and even a novel. Out of all these, a novel demands a plot that can carry the story for hundreds of pages. There is a very bright future for the writers who can bring out something new in any one of all these genres. Publishers are always in the lookout for something new that can attract the readers.

Shreds of creative writing can also be seen in advertisement copy writing and script writing. The craft of writing a script or an advertisement copy is definitely not as old as other genres of creative writing. But, these are definitely a part of creative writing.

The other form of writing, non-creative writing is quite different from creative writing. It includes writing for news papers, magazines and many other avenues. Apart from all these, web content has come out as the latest development in the realm of writing. To put it in a simple manner it entails writing for web sites of different kinds. As a matter of fact almost all the forms of non-creative writing generally answers some or other kinds of questions.

Talking of career options in writing, there are plenty of them. One can either seek a full time employment or can go ahead and work as a freelancer. There is no dearth of opportunities for a freelancer either.