Career Option: Accountant

The only constant thing in the world is change” and the change is that the markets are expanding. In light of the economies around the world an accountant’s professions is a very lucrative one indeed. The money has to be handled effectively, and legally – this is the job of an accountant. In order to fathom the intricacies of finance and at the same time keep everything legal accountants are employed by an organization.
The companies rely on accountants for book keeping from an internal or external perspective. The inflow and outflow of money, to and from the company is the prime focus of the accountant.
The daily work of an accountant, to a large extent depends on the position and company he is working for. The accountant might even be working for an individual, helping him to manage and keep a tab on his personal accounts.
Accountants are called book keepers and comptrollers also. Accountants primarily work for accounting firms, which help organizations file financial records for the purpose of taxation or auditing. Auditing implies checking that all the records are in order and no rule has been flouted by the organization. To become an accountant one might take several routes. An associate degree in accounting might be suitable for base level accounting jobs.
For higher level jobs in accounting, the minimum qualification required is a bachelor’s degree in commerce or accounts. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a degree which is in vogue now a days, is a route to a high paying career. Though the examination is challenging and rigorous, the paycheck earned is very lucrative indeed. Some courses require the student complete at least a hundred and fifty hours in course work.
The number of jobs in accounting is projected to increase in the coming years. Universities like Michigan Ann Arbor and Illinois Urbana Champaign provide courses in accountancy. These courses are portals to success in the financial world. Entry level accountants earn around 30000 USD a year, in the United States of America. With experience and training this figure could rise up to a million annually. This career option is suitable for people who like numbers and would love to make a career out of it.