Career Options for Students with Disability

What exactly is disability?

When we use the term disability, it means any person suffering from, physical, sensory and cognitive impairments, mental health difficulties, long term health problems, learning disability, epilepsy, cancer, HIV etc.

Just because you are disabled, that doesn’t mean it is the end of the road for you. You can still have a good career, just like any other normal person. Although disabled students have to face some tough challenges while looking for work.  Infact, it is observed that a disabled employee always turn out to be more creative, hardworking and loyal as compared to the other normal employees.

This could be attributed to the fact that the disabled people, knowing that they lack in some area try to cover it up by being extremely efficient in other areas. Infact disability act and equal employment opportunity act prohibit an employer to discriminate against the disabled lot.

Different types of handicaps required different sorts of work profile. A person who is confined to a wheel chair won’t be able to do jobs which require lot of physical activity such as dance, sport, sales jobs etc. They can opt for jobs such as professor or teacher in school or college, back office work, receptionist etc.

It is the duty of an employer to make adjustments in their workplace so that it is conducive to work for a disabled person. The employers need to alter the disabled employees working hours, give them more leaves, a comfortable place to sit etc.Federal/Gov’t Jobs-Disabled employees looking for a secured job can apply for all the govt jobs. More than 2 lac disabled people are working with the US federal government. In federal government, lot of job options are available at all levels and hundreds of occupation. Disabled persons who are on a look out for a federal job need to approach the local agencies, or contact the listed resources.

Also, many federal employers participate in large no of job fairs and campus placement in order to find out the people with disability. Although to qualify for a federal government job, you need to pass some tests in order to qualify for the job.

Not only, the government companies, but even the majority of private companies hire disabled people if they fit the bill. There are lots of placement agencies especially dedicated to help the disabled students in finding the right job.