Career Options In Mass Communication

Mass communication as a course, provides a platform to explore upon multiple career options. It provides a stage to an individual to discover and exploit the creative and artistic hidden talents within oneself and in turn present anoriginal and resourceful product to people around and society on the whole.

It is about investing lots of time and hard work, understanding the entertainment related needs of people around, coming up with innovative ideas that fulfil the information and diversion related needs of target audience.Mass communication as a career option opens up doors to several other fields like advertising, public relations, print journalism, electronic journalism, corporate communication, radio jockeying, film studies, and film making, etc. Anyone interested in either of these fields can enrol into a course offering these subjects right after high school.

There are courses that provide an in-depth knowledge of all the subjects in a span of two years, thus helping one to make up his/er mind to pursue ones’ career in a specific field. For those who are clear about what do they want from start, there are diploma as well as degree based courses ranging from a span of one year to three years, assisting interested candidates in specialising in the area that appeals to them.

Anyone interested in Public relations or corporate communication can further choose upon his/her career by becoming a crisis communication specialist or reputation management, event management, employee communication, or a brandmanagement expert. In advertising too, one can further choose upon client servicing, media planning, creative designing or research as an area of expertise. In print and electronic journalism one can pursue career in reporting and editing.

One can further narrow them down on the basis of different areas like investigative journalism, crime reporting, legal reporting, entertainment journalism, business journalism, etc. Film studies which has successfully developed itself as an academic subject in recent years, provides one with an exhaustive knowledge on areas dealing with sound, direction, editing, film appreciation studies, cinematography, etc. In addition to these subjects, mass communication courses offer a fair knowledge of research, its types, qualitative and quantitative techniques of doing the same, as familiarity with this subject is essential in each of the fields specified above.