Career options in Psychology

In this era of Medical, Engineering and Management studies, if you have done a course on Psychology, don’t feel left out. There are many great career options for a Psychology major.  The best path for a Psychology student is to become a self employed counselor and do counseling as a practice as no one else can do this better than you.  In this article, a few good career options are listed for you if you have a Masters degree in Psychology:

Clinical Psychologist
Clinical psychology is the most preferred employment area within psychology. The work of Clinical psychologists involves analyzing, understanding, preventing, and treating clients suffering from psychologically based distress. In order to become a clinical psychologist, a medical school education is a must.

Career Counselor
Career counselors are involved in career planning decisions of their clients. They study client’s interest, career history, education, skills and personality traits in order to draft the career path of their client. They also help in building new skills, attending interviews, polishing resumes and locating job openings.

Student Psychologist
Student psychologists deal with behavioral problems, de-addiction, and learning disabilities, academic and social problems of students. They are also involved in helping children with special abilities.

Genetics Counselor
Genetic counselors deal with counseling couples & families on genetics disorders. These professionals have training in both genetics and counseling. Genetics counselors work with medical professionals and counsel families with a genetic disorder or at a risk of passing down an inherited disorder to the next generation.

Forensic Psychologist: Forensic psychologists apply psychology to the fields of criminal investigation and law.

Sports Psychologist
They work in sports area and deal in player motivation, performance anxiety, and fear of failure or injury in sport players.

Industrial organizational psychologist (I/O)
They use psychological principles at workplace, to increase productivity and study employees for understanding the concepts of leadership, motivation or group dynamics.

Engineering psychologist
Engineering Psychologists study people and their interaction with technology and help in redesigning products to make them efficient and easier to use to in work situation. It’s a part of I/O psychology.