Careers in Nursing

Plenty of people aspire to be doctors. They study really hard to try and get there, but often fall short of the mark. There are various reasons people want to join the medical profession. One of the main reasons is the money, another important one is the fame and recognition associated with the profession. The third section of people who look towards medicine is the satisfaction derived from being able to help the needy and the sick.

If you are among those who could not qualify to be a doctor, but still want to help the ailing, you could look at nursing as an option. It is a very sought after profession, with a constant demand for nurses prevalent across the world. There is also tremendous job satisfaction.

You will have to study a course in nursing before you can become a qualified nurse. This would mean that you need to have a degree or diploma in nursing before you can start to work somewhere.

Working as a nurse has various options. You can work as a nurse in a hospital. This is the most common workplace. Here, you will need to be very attentive and monitor the patient at definite intervals depending on the condition for the patients admittance.

You will also need to be available if the patient requires something, and also regularly administer medication to the patient. You may also have other roles that include removal of catheters, helping with feeds and monitoring blood pressure.

You could also work in private clinics and nursing homes. The job role would remain much the same. Another place that you can find work as a nurse is with private agencies. These agencies are available to all those who require nursing assistance. Nurses are usually registered with this agency, and as and when a requirement arises, a nurse is sent to the home to help.

This could mean that you will either have to take care of someone who is ailing, or even attend to people who are very old and invalid. You will have fixed hours of work, and will have to work till the patient is better.