Careers In Psychology

For a successful career in psychology, one has to start at a very early stage and normally begin by earning a bachelor’s degree by majoring in psychology at a university or college. There are jobs available in the market for psychology majors on completing a bachelor’s degree itself. Certain jobs require a master’s degree. But to gain a wide range of career opportunities in the field of psychology, a post graduate or Ph.D degree is essential.

To earn a Ph.D degree, one needs to go through extensive study and research for minimum of four years after earning a bachelor’s degree. If an individual chooses to go into clinical psychology, then it becomes mandatory to get trained under a practicing clinical psychologist for a period of minimum of one year as an intern. Such interns get to treat people but do so under the guidance and supervision of the experienced practicing psychologist.

Career Options: On completion of a Ph.D. degree and internship, if one chooses to become an independent practicing professional, a license to practice should be acquired from the respective state. Only on acquiring the license, a private practice can be established in any state in the United States.

 Other career options for psychology graduates would be in the field of academia. Most psychology graduates work in universities, colleges and educational institutions including private and public schools. They take up roles such as teachers, professors who are involved in teaching as well as doing research work related to the field and provide counseling and guidance to students in institutions.

Psychologists also take up jobs in industries namely hospitals, government agencies, mental health clinics, consulting firms, manufacturing industries, business organizations and in clinics. They provide valuable guidance and advice to employees of such organization when required or requested for and also periodically conduct surveys and check-ups to identify stress-levels in employees so that each individual can contribute to their maximum capacity and lead a happy and balanced home/work life. So these psychologists play a vital role in enhancing the overall productivity of businesses and enable employees to perform to their maximum capacity.

 The American Psychology Association is a professional association for all psychologists in the United States and they are based in Washington DC. For any kind of clarification or assistance relating to careers in psychology, the association can be contacted.