Careers in Sports Journalism

Lots of people have a passion for sports, but cannot play it very well. For those who have an inclination towards sports, a career in sports journalism is great.It is always beneficial to have studied journalism first, either doing a course dedicated to it, or otherwise having it among one of the elective subjects of study.

If you have no formal study on the subject ,you can still start out by writing for smaller publications in your area, or just writing for no pay to begin with.

When you start, you will be expected to cover sports actitivies locally. No one usually begins by writing for the big games straight away. You will need to work your way up. This will mean that you get a grip on the sports and teams playing around you, and cover all the games there. At this point, do not expect your pieces to get published on the first sports page, or even in the centre. You will get some column space some where on the sides, but you will also get your chance. You can also start to interview leading scorers and captains of the local teams for your pieces.

Once you have begun to work your way up, you will then have to travel to cover the larger games being played elsewhere. This is when your work will really start to get noticed. You should be able to pick up and write about the action as it happens and be able to recreate moments well. Your articles will also be placed in more prominent places, and have larger spaces.

Once you have begun writing about the games for a while, you will get better and may also be called in to give an analysis besides merely reporting what is happening. You may also get a chance to interview coaches and captains, which will help you rub shoulders with the top players in the game. This is when you will start to taste success.

As you grow, you can graduate from being a writer to a sports editor. This is when you will get more money, and also be given larger, more plum assignments.

What are you waiting for? Get our our pens and scribble pads, and put on your thinking cap! Its time to get going.