Certified Public Accountant(CPA)

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the statutory title of qualified accountants in the United States.There is huge opportunity for CPA’s not only in the field of public accounting but also in other fields such as taxation , management accounting, financial analysis , treasury cash management and SOX compliance, attestation, Financial Analysis, Financial planning, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Venture Capital.

CPA institute has 54 different offices in the USA to which one can send an application to become a US CPA. Remember, education and experience requirements vary by state. The minimum educational requirement to sit for the US CPA exam is generally a four year university degree with an additional one year study. CPA examination are offered only in USA. The focus area of a CPA program are :

Accounting standard and US GAAP and Management : The CPA curriculum covers the modern accounting practices and provides with detailed knowledge of Accounting standards globally and management skills and knowledge.

Information Technology and E-business: In depth knowledge of creating and implementing accounting solutions electronically is provided

Code of conduct and ethical focus – The students are taught adaptation skills, communication skills, negotiation skills, management skills, interpersonal skills and personal skillls. The students are exposed to case studies so as to experience a practial situation at work. The ethical approach is also taught with respect to professional interactions and a sense of corporate and social responsibilty.

CPA’s have an option of either having their own businesses or work for public accounting firms. Some public accountants concentrate on tax matters like advising their clients on taxation matters while some take up the work of filing individual tax returns or become consultants.

CPA program helps an individual to gain knowledge of concepts in Accounting, auditing, law, management and taxation. The program enables the student to apply these concepts in practical life.

CPA program is best suited for students from the accounting field who wish to enhance their knowledge about accounting standards and US GAAP. It is also suited for students of commerce, economics, mathematics, statistics and management.

CPA’s earn quite a descent salary. According to July 2009 Pay scale survey, entry level CPA earns up to $52,500, senior accountants with license can earn around $70,000. Most importantly since there are so many variety of jobs open to CPA so they can be never out of work.