Chiropractic As A Career

Chiropractic is an alternative restorative healing process which is considered as one of the fastest growing healthcare profession in par to medicine.

The holistic approach in chiropractic therapy recuperates the body in the most natural way to give optimum health.

Chiropractors or Doctor’s of chiropractic (D.C .s) are physicians who employ natural means of drugless, non-surgical treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal system disorders especially the spine.

They emphasize on the health of the nervous system .The treatment involves manual therapy and use of specialized technique to analyze the posture and spine of the patient. They are also trained to clinically examine and diagnose the entire body and modify the lifestyle of the patients through diet and nutrition counseling, physical therapy and exercise.

Some of the chiropractic physicians use different methods for treatment which include water, heat, light, massage, ultrasound and acupressure.

To be qualified as chiropractor: To practice as chiropractor physician one has to complete 4 years degree program at an accredited chiropractic college. One can also pursue postdoctoral degree in orthopedics, neurology, sports injury etc.

Specialty exams by the chiropractor specialty boards offer ‘Diplomate’ status in a given specialty to chiropractors. Continuing education programs for chiropractors are offered by chiropractic associations and accredited chiropractic programs.

Licensure:  Licensure is essential for chiropractors and they can practice only in states where they are licensed. Certain states allow licensed chiropractors to get license of another state without further examination provided they meet the education, examination and practice credentials of the state specified .States recognize the exam conducted by the National of Board of Chiropractors Examiners.

Job opportunities: The demand for chiropractic is growing, it is a booming field. The success of a chiropractor depends on skill, experience and location of the clinic they set up. Chiropractors find job in private clinics, hospitals, health agencies or can go in for research in hospitals or teach.

They either set up individual practice or work in group. With people seeking alternative healthcare regime for optimum health, chiropractors are much sought after professionals for their unique way of treatment. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics the job prospects is much higher as compared to other all other occupations.