CIEE Architecture and Design Program in Barcelona, Spain

CIEE is a program which is specially designed for students of Architect and Designing field. This course gives an immense knowledge of the architectural and designing know how to every students. Courses conducted at CIEE’s Architect and Design program in Barcelona, Spain offers teaching in either English for international students and/or in Spanish language. Students are taught keeping in mind about the issues for business in Spain and whole of the Europe.

The CIEE Architecture and Design course in Barcelona helps the students to understand the traditional architectural designs in the rich country having the rich heritage of historical monuments. Design program is offered in English as well as in Spanish. So it is necessary for all students to know the basic Spanish language to understand the classes. Architecture is taught in English. All these programs have field trips which are specifically planned for the architect and design students.

CIEE program for Architect and Design in Barcelona, Spain has partnership with ELISAVA School of Design which is at Universitat Pompeu Fabra that helps the students to experience the international educational atmosphere. CIEE program gives a vast outspread to the minds of the students to create innovative designs and vibrant architecture. The partnership of CIEE with ELISAVA School of Design gives a unique opportunity to all the students enrolled in this program to experience many other classes included in their programs and other course to learn Spanish language.

Here at CIEE Architect and Design program students are educated with the outstanding European design and architecture which else the students in change their views. Students are allowed to participate in many different educational activities for the students of architecture and design. CIEE offers field trips and visits to different conventional constructions so that the students can study the architect and design. A CIEE program helps the student to feel as if they are at their home.

CIEE also offers excursion programs to Bilbao, Madrid or Valencia to all students so that they are well versed with the old construction types. These students also give visit to museums and other local monuments. Undergraduate Courses offered in this CIEE Architect and Design program have study areas for architecture, arts, design, history, etc. student can choose their subject and study accordingly.