College Level Examination Program

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a test that allows students to earn college credits in quick time. The cost is also less for this test. But many colleges nowadays have made some knowledge of a foreign language totally mandatory.

Students, no doubt, are in a fix to meet this requirement as they also harbor a hope of enrolling in a college quickly. This is where the CLEP exams come to the rescue as they help you to meet the desired requirements, is less expensive and helps you to earn fast credits.

The main advantage of the CLEP exam is the low cost. The test costs only 72$ and people serving in the army will have the costs covered by the government. The CLEP exams help you to save in a big way. Each college credit in a public university will cost you 274$ and each credit in a private university will make you poorer by 1027$. In comparison, CLEP credits are much cheaper.

CLEP credits can be earned in the following domains only – French (Level I & II), German (Level I & II) and Spanish (Level I & II). Each test will give you around 6 to 12 credits. The CLEP credits are accepted in over 2500 colleges and universities worldwide.

The duration of each CLEP test is usually 90 minutes and it is in multiple choice answer format. Each test has around 90 to 140 questions. The score is calculated on a score from 20 to 80. Each university accepts a certain score. So the onus is on the students to enquire with the universities and colleges to learn about the minimum scores accepted by them.

We now know that CLEP allows students to save a great deal when they complete two levels of foreign language requirements. In actual classrooms these two levels will cost a student something around 1000$ to 6000$. But CLEP will cost only 100$ to complete all levels. Now that is a massive saving for any student. Students who are proficient in a language can prepare for the CLEP test in a couple of days only while in an actual classroom it can take up to a maximum of 3 months. So CLEP tests are a great investment for students.