Columbia College

A pioneer higher education institution in the USA which was founded more than 150 years ago, Columbia College is a non-profit and widely respected establishment among the military population.  The striking features of this institution are its small classes and quality programs.

Originally the college was an only-for-women college providing two year courses, but in 1970 it became a coeducational institute and with four year course term. Currently Columbia College has nearly 37 nationwide campuses serving to the needs of the working population, armed forces and their families.

The college is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges & Schools and has been successfully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Columbia College provides a vast choice to its student through its different modes of campus studies such as day campus, evening campus, online campus, extended campus and graduate studies for its students.

Not surprisingly the college has more student enrollments for the evening campus than the day campus programs. The college has more than 14k students registered for its twenty online degrees and more than five hundred undergraduate programs. The student to faculty ratio for day campus is 14:1 and for evening campus it is 16: 1.

The teaching staff at Columbia College is highly qualified with more than eighty percent having the highest academic qualification in their respective area of study. There are nearly 60 full time instructors at Columbia College.

The courses provided at Columbia College include undergraduate degree programs such as Associate degree and Bachelor’s degree, Graduate degree programs such as Master of Arts, MBA, and Master of Science in Criminal Justice. Apart from studies Columbia College encourages its students to participate and train in sporting events such as basketball, softball, volleyball and soccer.

If you are a working adult or from the military and wish to apply at Columbia College, then all you need to do is fill up their online application form and submit your high school certificates.

You don’t have to attend any admission test, interviews or simply write essays.  There are five admission sessions in a year at Columbia College – August, October, January, March & June. For military personnel posted at Guantanamo Bay there is even more good news as the college has a campus in Cuba too.

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