Continuing Education Programs

Learning is a lifelong process. Most often you voluntarily take a lifelong learning path and there are times when you are forced to learn even while at work. For example as part of your professional life you may be required to participate regularly in education and training related programmes many a times. Professionals such as doctors, engineers, nurses, lawyers etc are required to join continuing education activities every year to keep their licenses intact and current.

Participating in such educational courses is important because it lets your clients and professional bodies know that you are always up-to-date in your profession. In this article hence I will discuss more about continuing education courses and the importance of a valid CEU.

As mentioned above professionals are required to participate in continuing education programmes as these help them to keep learning and remain networked. Continuing education can be provided in the form of conferences by the respective professional bodies or can be taken through an approved college or university. This means that you can join for a continuing education program online too. As you join a continuing education program you receive some credits in return. The credit can be measured in terms of continuing education unit which means 10 hours of participation.

In order to achieve one continuing education unit (CEU) you must participate in an approved course for 10 hours and that too under a qualified instructor. Each profession (for each state) has its own set of learning hours to be achieved every year. Here participation means only to those programmes which are approved and accredited. Therefore before joining any college or university for continuous education program look for proper accreditation.

In order to know about accreditation related to continuous education courses one has to learn about the body which establishes the standards for continuous education in the USA. The International Association for Continuous education and training (IACET) which is managed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is the central body of administration.

The International Association for continuing education and training keeps institutions and universities informed about the latest standards in education. Before joining any continuing education course you must always check whether the college or university is approved by the IACET or not. Join only those institutions which meet the IACET or ANSI standards for continuous education. This is because only an IACET approved Continuous Education Unit brings global recognition and standards to your certificate.