Cooking as a Career

You like to spend more time in the kitchen rustling up new dishes and experimenting with the culinary arts. Well the good news is you can make cooking your career and this article gives you a brief insight to choose the right kind of institute for learning it.

To become that perfect culinary artist you need to know more than just good cooking and they are not just ‘plain’ cooks. They have to deftly prepare dishes not only soothing to the palate but also to the eye. Culinary artists work in restaurants, hospitals, corporations and other institutions and in each of these sectors the kitchen conditions vary.

You need to attend a cooking school to get an education in the culinary arts. There you will also be trained to become a professional cook also known as the chef. While choosing a good school it is important to look at some aspects. The school should offer in-kitchen instruction and a high number of teaching kitchens. There should be a lot of first class restaurants on campus to provide an exposure to professional training. The school should offer externships with hotels, resorts and leading restaurants for understanding the industry machineries. It should have a reputation of providing students with national and international career opportunities.

The culinary school should have high graduation and employment rates to its credit. A notably large and successful alumnus networks, some with attractive salaries.

It is important to know what kind of faculty the culinary school has. The faculty members should be certified hospitality educators and should include Master Chefs and Master Bakers among them. The faculty should be from diverse backgrounds so as to be able to offer a variety of culinary experiences. The student faculty ratio should be such that there is scope for individual mentoring.

Finally take a look at the kind of degrees being offered. An associate degree program prepares you for a variety of food service jobs as they teach you techniques, fundamental skills and cuisine studies. A Bachelor’s degree program also provides all this along with operational and management skills to prepare you for a leadership role in and around the kitchen or bakeshops.

Some of the titles you might earn after getting your degree and a job are Assistant chef, Banquet chef, Chef patissier, Pastry chef, Meat, poultry and fish chef, Sous-chef, Corporate chef among others.