Cost of Studying in Sweden

The cost of studying in Sweden depends on the type of program chosen. You can opt to study for undergraduate, graduate or master’s programs in the country.

There are very few foreign students for undergraduate studies in Sweden. Most of the foreign undergraduate students in Sweden are a part of exchange programs. There are very few individual applicants for undergraduate study. Individual applicants for undergraduate studies will require excellent academic credentials and personal funds.

On the other hand, tuition fees for higher studies, like in other European countries, are subsidised by the government in Sweden also. Most of the higher education courses are completely financed by the state. This rule also holds for foreign nationals pursuing higher studies in Sweden. The students only need to meet their living expenses on their own. These amount to approximately EUR 700 per month. You have to provide proof that you can support the living expenses amounting to EUR 700 before acquiring a student resident permit. Foreign students who have a residence permit can also work while studying simultaneously. There is no age limit for applying to Swedish courses for higher studies.

The public agency, Swedish Institute gives out scholarships for studies in Sweden. Scholarships are available through various other programs as well. For example, the Erasmus Mundus program also gives out generous scholarships for selected courses but only to non-EU students. Students desiring to pursue master’s degree programs can apply for multiple scholarships at different universities to the Swedish Institute. You can apply for all these scholarships simultaneously. Only the academic discipline for all the scholarships should be the same. However, you cannot do this in case you want to pursue doctoral level studies. For research or doctoral level studies you can apply for only a single SI scholarship.

Also, students who are pursuing masters or doctoral level studies in Sweden are recommended to get in touch with the university authorities before sending out an application. This will help you know if they are interested in sponsoring your research studies. Even if you want to carry out a part of your doctoral research project in Sweden, you need to contact the respective university. All initial contacts for doctoral studies are made by a professor or mentor at your home institution.