Cultural Studies – An Introduction

For a beginner, the study of culture or cultural studies may look quite simple and general. However this academic field of study is considered as an umbrella term that covers a variety of subjects and issues, both past and present.

Cultural studies is considered as a discipline that pays attention and studies the way different cultures behave, the factor influencing a particular culture and the reason behind the cultural behavior.

This theoretical field of study is considered as a science which tries to understand the modern society and takes special interest in politics and the resulting power struggle.

If a student is interested in the way the world functions and the way people behave, then study of culture is apt for him/her. This field of study defines and explains the relationship between a particular societal behavior and the following factors such as the ideology of the society, the class structure in the society, the nationality of the elements of the society, ethnicity and the gender mix.

In America, the study of culture as a discipline covers mainly the behavior of the American culture, along with understanding few popular cultures from France, Eastern Europe and Caribbean nations.

A student of cultural studies will also have to study more about the following theories and fields– political theory, social theory, history, media theory, communication studies, feminist studies, museum studies etc. In universities and institutions, the study of culture is extremely popular and demanding.

A student is required to learn about different related theories and excel in the art of public speaking. The student will also have to debate frequently with others on different aspects of culture. Culture when combined with politics makes an excellent choice of study.

To study culture, one can take any bachelor’s or undergraduate degree programs as the course starts mostly with a master’s degree program. A student of cultural studies usually begins with a MA program and specializes on any particular field of cultural studies such as study on nations, feminist study etc.

The course work usually covers study of literature, sociology, anthropology, geography, history and study of religions. Further, a student can elect to undergo a research program in cultural studies and get a Doctorate Degree.A student of cultural studies can take up a career as a Social worker, writer, teacher, Arts administrator or even as a government analyst.