Dealing with fellow interns

So, now that you have earned that prestigious Internship, how should you begin?

When you arrive first day in the Office, it is extremely important to have a positive attitude. There can be may disappointments on the first day itself. But it is all just a part of the process. You might not be recognized.

You might be made to sit in a corner or be made to do some very mundane job. But in any case, you must keep a preppy attitude. Take everything as it comes. Whatever job you are assigned to do, do it with sincerity and give it your 100%.

Most of the times, it is during these phases, that the employers see your dedication to the job. When they are convinced of your sincerity, they will automatically start trusting you with the more important tasks.

In rare cases, you will not have fellow interns to deal with. But if you are not as lucky, then you should do the following things:

1. You must realize that these people, like you are also starting a new job in an unfamiliar environment. They are also, as tense and nervous as you are. Therefore, make an effort to converse with them. Competitions aside, who knows, you might just end up being friends! If you already are with someone you know, then you should not exclude people and still make an effort to be friendly.

2. Don’t be overly competitive. True, you are here to impress but morals should not be compromised upon. Do not step on someone just to land an assignment. If someone does that to you and you come to know about it, tell them, sternly but politely that things like this will not take them far. It sounds dramatic but its true.

3. If you are given a project to be worked on with a partner, then you must both respect each others ideas. We humans have this tendency to think that what we know is best. But it will do your project no harm if you work out for a better solution.