Degree Programs in Sweden

There are various types of degrees offered at Swedish institutes. The study period of these degrees are measured in credit points. All the degree programs are mentioned below.

The university diploma or ‘Hogskoleexamen’ consists of 80 credit points or two years of full time study. The equivalent of bachelor’s degree in Sweden is the ‘kandidateexam’. It requires three years of full time study or 120 credits points. All bachelor’s degree students have to complete 60 credits out of the total 120 in the subject they major. The 60 credit points of the major subject involve writing a thesis that amounts to 10 credit points.

A master’s degree is obtained after either one or two years of full time study.  The master’s degree obtained after one year of study is called ‘magisterexamen’. While, the one acquired after two years of study is known as the ‘masterexamen’. The magisterexamen consists of 160 credit points while the masterexamen of 40 credit points.

In the magisterexamen studies amounting to 80 credit points in the main subject are essential. In addition, a thesis has to be submitted that equals 20 credit points. There are also the ‘Yrkesexamen’ or the professional degrees. These usually are degrees in medical, teacher training, engineering etc. There are approximately sixty such degree programs and they can range from 40 to 220 credit points.

There are two more levels of further studies after the master’s degree. An additional two years of study or research after the master’s degree gets the student a ‘licenciatexamen’ degree. It consists of 80 credit points. While a ‘doktorsexamen’ degree is acquired after four years of research or studies after the master’s degree. This is equivalent to a PhD of the US or UK universities.

Sweden is also an evolving destination for contract training and the faculty can help develop manpower skills of various organizations. There are different contract training programs designed in English with varying time duration. These programs can be relatively short for only 5 weeks, slightly longer comprising of a semester of upto 20 weeks or full time 1 year degree programs. The courses can be altered by tweaking the time, length, content, teaching method to suit needs of individual companies.