Dental Hygiene a fast growing career

Dental Hygiene is a basic requirement to give you fresh breath, to keep dental diseases at bay and to smile with confidence flashing your shining pearls.  Oral healthcare is gaining importance and choosing a profession in this field can be a good option.

Dental hygienist is a licensed professional concentrating on techniques in oral hygiene.

They are focused on preventative treatments. They educate to prevent tooth decay, protect patient’s total health and treat oral diseases. They give a clear picture on the relationship between oral health and diet, link between poor oral health and heart disease.

The work procedure followed by Dental Hygienist is scaling, removing tartars, stains, plaques and polishing teeth; apply sealants and coatings, giving anesthesia, applying antibacterial agents to prevent decay etc.  They work in conjunction with a dentist and are supervised by them.

There are different categories of education to be a Dental Hygienist, for instance Entry Level Programs such as Certificate, Associate and Baccalaureate Programs enable graduates for the clinical practice of Dental Hygiene. Licensed Dental Hygienist with a Certificate or Associate’s Degree is entitled for Degree Completion Programs, Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene.

They have to graduate from Dental Hygienist School accredited by American Dental association (ADA).Masters Degree Programs help to pursue career as educators, administrators and researchers. The American Dental Hygienist Association assign a more advanced level of Dental Hygiene called Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner, also known as Dental Therapist

Licensure: Dental Hygienist must be licensed to practice, it is granted by each individual state. Graduates from accredited Dental Hygiene Program, qualifying the written National Board Dental Examination and State Clinical Board Examination procure license. Being a Registered Dental Hygienist will create more job opportunities and increase the earning potentials.

Job prospects of Dental Hygienist are manifold; they can work as educators, clinicians, researchers, administrators or as consultants. They find job in hospitals, dental clinics, nursing homes, schools etc. The earnings can be on hourly, daily, salary or commission basis.

The salary varies according geographical location and experience. They have flexibility in their work schedule; they can work as part-time, full time, evening or weekend schedules. The  median expected salary of Dental Hygienist  in united States is $ 65,996. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics Dental Hygienists rank among the fastest growing occupations.