Destination Singapore: Benefits of Pursuing MBA in Singapore.

All the MBA aspirants who have done with their graduation and want to earn those 3 magic letters (MBA) from abroad have good news. Traditionally, USA, UK and Australia are the most popular destinations for doing MBA but recently many countries have opened up their doors for international students to pursue their degree in management.

Singapore is one such destination which is increasingly becoming popular among foreign students especially those who want to pursue their MBA. The key benefits which you would get by studying MBA in Singapore are discussed for your help:

 The global exposure: Students pursuing MBA in Singapore experience global socio and economic culture. Some of the best names in the MBA institutes and corporate are present there. Also, the diverse category of people working and studying there will increase your global experience.

 Reasonable cost of education: Compared to other countries like USA, UK etc cost of studying MBA is much cheaper in Singapore. While in most European countries the cost studying MBA would not be less than Rs.25 lakh, the average cost of studying in Singapore for MBA is between Rs.8 lakh-15 lakh.

 Diverse student profile: Students from at least 35+ countries studies in Singapore resulting in rich cultural diversity and you can have a longstanding network opportunity with students from different countries.

 Work permit and cost of living: International students have the facility to work for 16 hours in a week while studying. Singapore also is one of the most economical countries to stay at compared to high cost destinations such as UK.

 Job opportunities: The global giants have their headquarters for Asia-Pacific in Singapore (most of them!) and it is a place for vibrant economic activity. Research has shown that Singapore has the most number of jobs to be filled up in entire Asia. The progressive culture and diverse population also makes it an ideal place for an entrepreneurial venture. There are about 30000 international companies operating in Singapore.

 Safety for international students: With the rise of racist and hate attacks, safety is one of the deciding factors to choice the study destination. The strict legal rules and cosmopolitan culture of Singapore makes it a safe place to pursue your MBA.

 Language: English is one of the main languages spoken, so there is no communication barrier that would happen.

So pack your bags for that great degree from a great place!