Distance Education – Why Choose Distance Learning

There are many students who have to discontinue their studies due to the inability of the parents in financially supporting their wards for higher studies.

Many of the students have a great desire to continue their studies even after getting into part time or full time jobs but they don’t find enough free time to take up their desired courses.

They often think of putting off their idea of continuing their higher studies because of time constraint and heavy work load at their work place.

In order to fulfill the dreams of those students who have discontinued their studies, the leading universities have created a separate department known as department of distance education under its wing.

This gives those students an opportunity to continue their desired course of studies without attending the class room study system and the study materials are supplied well in advance to the students so that they can study, from home, & at their convenience.

They can also attend the examination and after successful completion of the course the university certificate is awarded to the students. Therefore the distance learning system really comes to their rescue when they find time to pursue their higher education.

There are many possibilities that the student might want to really study further but due to certain situation at the home such as financial problems or family problems may cause hindrance. The distance education system proved to be a great blessing for them.

Moreover distance education is much beneficial for the students residing in the rural areas who discontinue their studies because the institution and university are located far in the cities. It is useful for housewives who had discontinued their studies because of marriage and taking up household responsibilities.

It is also more useful for those office goers who wish to obtain much higher professional course in order to get promotion in their job position and increment in salary. There is a general opinion among the students that the courses offered through the distance education programs by the universities are not recognized by the recruiters in the open job market.