Does an Online MBA Provide a Value Add to Your Career

MBA is considered a value add to your qualification. Every other graduate you meet wishes to pursue an MBA. This is mainly because MBA degree prepares you for all sorts of roles, managerial, leader, entrepreneur etc. MBA can be done full time, part time and even online.
Although, doing full time MBA is always considered to be a better option than a part time or an online MBA.  But as they say, if you are good, you can make good of your career too. The very first online MBA was offered by Aspen University in 1987. 20 years down the line, there are hundreds of universities offering online MBA courses.

Why there is a need for online MBA?

Most of the students pursue full time MBA after completing graduation. However there are select few, who want to do MBA, but do not have the requisite time for it. There could be various reasons for that. You might be doing a job which you don’t want to quit either due to personal growth or due to monetary reasons. It could also be that you have some family commitments, but you still wan to pursue an MBA. Thus, you might face a situation where you want to do an MBA, but do not have the time for doing a full time or a part time MBA.

However, now days, online MBA is not looked upon as an alternative option, but one of the better option.

As per the department of education report, online students outperformed the classroom students in a comparative search gathered during the period 1996-2008. Online learning has improved in these past 2 decades. Now days, there are lot of tools available which enhance the online learning process. These tools are e-mail, instant messaging, tele conference, which has completely redefined the online learning experience. Infact, some people have actually termed online training better than face to face training.

This is because of the key communication tools that make online communication almost on par with classroom face to face training, if not better. Most of the top firms and MNC’s are always on a look out for MBA’s to fill their top and middle level managerial positions. Gone were the times, when the full time MBA’s were given priority. Now days, even students with online MBA are sought after.

Although, at no point online MBA can be termed as the best way of doing an MBA. Although online MBA’s have their set of advantages, by no means it can be compared to the classroom training. But if you look on the positive side, an MBA is worth doing rather than not doing at all. As long as you do it from a reputed institute accredited by the government and as long as you are capable, it doesn’t make a difference whether you do an online MBA or full time MBA.