Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University is the oldest and largest unrivaled accredited universities in the world. The curriculum at ERAU involves the operation, engineering research, manufacturing, management of modern aircraft and systems that support them.

The education at ERAU is par excellence, US News and World Report has ranked Aerospace Engineering in number 1 position among schools without doctoral programs.

The degrees that are offered at ERAU are Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees in Aviation and Engineering Physics.

ERAU receives students from all the 50 states and International students from 98 countries.It has more than 35 degree programs set in two residential campuses and worldwide campus locations and online programs. It also caters to non degree and online certificate programs that can help boost the career opportunities.

The college of Business MBA and undergraduate programs provides internship in major airline, airports and aviation consulting firms.  Teens and children find programs through sport and aviation related summer camps.

Extensive research in aviation and related industries is also carried out. In 2009, 155 faculty members were involved in research and other activities with 186 sponsored projects. Different resources of financial aid that students can apply are the Federal and state Grants, Institutional and Private Scholarships, Federal and Alternative student’s loans. Campus jobs helps students to earn while studying through part –time jobs in library, cafeteria, labs etc

ERAU has two residential campuses Prescott campus, Arizona and Daytona Beach campus, Florida and worldwide campus. The Prescott campus has amenities such as bookstore which is a local source of ERAU’s branded apparel, gift items and course materials. It has the Davis Learning center Auditorium; a venue for presentations from leading names of aerospace/aviation industry.

Eagle education center which caters to a variety of services and labs, Amphi theatre, Athletic facility and Dining hall providing salad bar, fruit bar, fresh cooked items to order etc.

The Daytona Beach campus offers state of the art facilities. The Lehman Engineering and Technology center is equipped with laboratories with latest research and computer equipment. The Samuel Goldman Aviation maintenance technology Center houses the instruction center for maintenance and repair, Canaveral Hall aids in financial services, The Jack R Hunt Memorial library consists of vast collections of books, periodicals, journals etc.

The worldwide campus is located in more than 170 locations in United States, Canada, Europe and Middle East providing educational opportunities to working adults.