Energy Crisis – A demand for a new source of energy

The pathological creation of human existence has seen various forms of innovation in lighting a night sky, mainly in a household. Light is a natural source for movement in nocturnal environment. In modern days, people are habituated to electricity. Electricity is the main source that involves a lot of activities which contribute to one of the most trivial affairs of human life today. With increasing population around the world the demand for energy sources to conduct various business activities has risen. It has resulted in energy crisis. Scientists have been trying hard to find energy sources for varied kind that can be environment friendly and that meet human needs for long ages.

One such energy source is solar energy. The search begins from the analysis of solar energy and its pattern of reaction to various experiments. Experiments conducted in a lab, teaches scientists to build better equipment that is economical for a human being. The acceptance of this energy source depends on government initiatives and scientific classification of different needs of this energy source. The usage of this energy needs to be emancipated and declared under proper scientific and national integration norms, so that experiments can be conducted for consumer usage and other sources of public welfare as well.

The beginning of this experiment should be catalytic to the nature of requirement for a nation. An experiment for energy source should be based on a national classification that proves degradation of morality to minimum. Emancipation should care for people of the country to reveal its interests publicly. Such is an endeavor that forms a Solar Energy Law. One of the oldest usages through this emancipation is artificial light. The fluorescent bulbs are one of those striking inventions that led to further investigations from the scientists. There are plenty of ways were a solar light could prove to be an energy saver. Protecting the earth reserves is one of the sole reasons to fund this research.

Today, the research has taken new dimension. It has led to the innovation of coolants, miniature gadgets that utilize this energy source for backup power. Potentially, solar energy has better advantages over other renewable sources of energy. Realizing this fact, we should act responsibly and create an opportunity for deploying energy saving measures adopted by approved schemes of the government. Under this pretext, one should analyze the potential causes of wastage and try to minimize with attention to this detail. In order to entail to this endeavor you could build awareness among your neighborhood.

~ Krishnamoorthy M Bhattacharya, Ph.D. Anthropology


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