Entabeni Nature Guide Training

It is really safe to have a guide whenever going for a trip. And when it is a vacation in dense forest or wild life sanctuaries, having a guide is a must.  These guides have to be professional and must know all the information related to that particular area. These guides who direct in forests or wild life sanctuaries are the nature guides. These nature guides are specially trained for their job.

Entabeni Nature guide training school is a well know training institute for guides. Here all the students are taught with the basic concepts of this job as a nature guide. A guide needs to direct the whole team. So it is necessary to gather all the information of the area and the outskirts as well. People hire guide so that they can get as much information they want to and show them the right path to travel.

Entabeni training school for nature guides was actually established for Entabeni Private Game Reserve where professional field guides were necessary.  This school used to train the guides for this private game reserve in 2002. Later on, many other nature guide training programs were conducted by Entabeni nature guide training school. Planned programs with highly developed training material are provided to all students. Proper knowledge of all the process is taught to the students so that they can learn the basic requirements for nature guide.

Students in Entabeni Nature Guide training school are taught according to all the norms of Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) and THETA as well. FGASA has an eye on all the practical evaluations and examinations on the students of this training school. Entabeni Nature Guide Training School is accredited by this FGASA. Entabeni School maintains its high standards of teaching with the help of these foundations using their guidelines.

Entabeni Nature Guide Training school offers six month programs. This program is the most wide ranging course that provides all the guidelines to students to start the career as a nature guide. This program covers all aspect of a nature guide such as a guide, trekker, leader, hunter and many other values. This helps the students to find out the best jobs. Entabeni schools students are doing jobs in Kenya, Zambia, Botswana and in Entabeni Private Game Reserve as well.