Entrance Test

When we think of admissions we think of entrance tests. This is what most children need to go through before entering a college. However entrance tests are not only for older children.

Now days even children as young as five may have to deal with an entrance test in order to get admission into a good school.In most countries there are few good schools and the number of children is far larger. So schools also choose children on the basis of an entrance test. Depending on the school the test may vary. Children must be made aware of their environment and must be very confident. It is necessary that you start telling your child stories from an early age so that he develops a good vocabulary. Singing songs and nursery rhymes is also very good for vocabulary building.

Colouring and drawing to ensure that the child has good fine motor control.  Allow the child to mix well with other children as this helps in the process of sharing and increases his communication skills. Activities like teaching your child opposites, pairing, matching activities can be done. The amount of time you spend with the child will give him the confidence he would need to perform the test.

Sometimes it may be a good idea to get a special teacher to tutor the child for the purpose of the entrance test. They will have the necessary materials and skill required to train the child. When your child is going to appear for the test it is imperative that he is clean and well dressed. Talk to your child in advance about what an entrance test is and that he may have to be tested by someone in a separate room without you.

But if you are spending quality time with them and there are no other problems in the family then you can be sure that half the battle has already been won.. Make sure to reward your child after the entrance test and not to show irritation if he/she has not performed well. There is a school for everyone. All the best.