Entrepreneurship Education A Part of Curriculum

Entrepreneurship education has gained immense momentum as it seeks to provide the students with knowledge, skills and motivation. It is universally accepted that Business is the backbone of every country’s economy and entrepreneurship adds tremendous force that has a huge impact on the facilitating growth, recovery and societal progress.

Entrepreneurship helps in innovation, employment generation and social empowerment. Many B-schools and Management colleges across the globe are promoting Entrepreneurship Education as part of curriculum. Moreover, it is a fact that in an entrepreneurial journey there is not clear cut route it is like travelling through thin fog and gradually the path becomes clear. Therefore, with proper Entrepreneurial education the aspirants can get the right platform and with right approach are enabling to face various challenges of the path.

Many B-schools and Management colleges offer full-credit courses in entrepreneurship. Even the MBA course with entrepreneurial focus emphasise on innovation, implements new ideas in various products and also in services. Many new enterprises have come up in the course of time .The entrepreneurship program helps the students to learn to be open in their approach and at the same time shape their value crediting traits.

Moreover, this program makes the student aware about the involvement of certain risk factors; understand the need to conserve limited resources, open to criticism and at the same time to remain confident in their motto. The most important factor is the student’s self-analysis about his/her personal entrepreneurial capacity and then approach to this program.

Even knowledge about the existing market trends and its upcoming demands, awareness about the involvement of legalities, involvement and active roles of various support systems are also very important. An entrepreneur has social responsibilities and should not be obsessed with the desired financial outcome as the ultimate goal.

It is very difficult to start one’s own venture.  Some prominent Management Schools have started programs which encourage the students to work on their own business plan as a part of project. Thus, the student gets opportunities to achieve experience in the job and also becomes aware about the risk factors. Entrepreneurship education would certainly make big impact in the country’s economy and this would be beneficial for the society in larger aspect.