Facilities for Foreign Students in Finland


The housing facilities for students are looked after by student housing foundations. Sometime student unions also help out with accommodation problems.

There are also regional students clubs and faculty organisations providing assistance with the same. There are also dormitories in some town maintained by municipalities or educational institutes.

The international advisory service at the respective educational institution provides such information. If you are an exchange student or have acquired a scholarship, then the institution can also help you out with accommodation. There are usually a lot of students applying for scholarships in Finland, especially around autumn, it is advisable to apply for a flat immediately after being accepted into a study program.

Health Care

There are adequate health care facilities for all students at Finnish institutes. The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) takes care of the health services for students. However, it only provides preventive medical care like dental and mental health care. In addition, it also provides consultations and treatment for a relatively small fee.

Living Expenses in Finland

Whether you are a student at a university or polytechnic institution, you are required to meet some expenses. Most of the students pay for their living, accommodation, transportation, study material and other related expenses. The living expenses for students amount to roughly 700 EUR per month. Foreign students, from outside EU/EEA countries have to establish that they have 500 EUR at their disposal every month. In addition, they are required to have health insurance covering all health risks.

In addition, all students of bachelors and masters degree programs must pay an annual membership fee of EUR 60-110 to student unions.  This fee includes student health services also. Students of doctoral programs do not have to pay these fees. Membership of student unions is very beneficial and gives access to numerous services like subsidized meals, cheap travel, health facilities, and other discounts.

Students should also take into account various personal and leisure expenses. There are many places to visit in Finland and also various leisure activities that one can indulge in. In addition, students would want to visit neighbouring countries such as Sweden and Russia also. Students should consider these expenses before taking any decision.