Facilities for Foreign Students in Sweden

There are close to 30,000 foreign students in the country. Almost 125 of the new students coming to Sweden are foreign nationals. The PhD candidates in Sweden hail from more than 80 countries.

Sweden has provided ample facilities to make living for foreign students easier. Some of them are mentioned in brief below.

Learning Swedish
It would be easy for foreign students to adjust in Sweden as English is spoken widely in the country. In fact, English is the official language in many Swedish companies now. This makes it easier for international students to adapt to the new surroundings. If you want to learn Swedish, there are numerous courses available at several institutions.

They are mostly aimed at exchange students in the country.  At times, courses in Swedish are also taught as part of the study programme in the country. If you want to pursue further studies in Swedish, then you will be required to pass the TISUS language test in Swedish.

Student Unions
There are many student trade unions at Swedish universities that look after welfare of fellow students and organise various social activities. All the university and college students are required to become a member of student trade unions and pay them membership fees. The fees are used for the functioning of the unions. The unions also nominate students as their representatives.

There are numerous benefits of joining student unions. They help foreign students tremendously. Firstly, they assist in finding suitable accommodation. They also manage restaurants, cafes and bars etc.  When you join a union, you get a student card. This card helps you get discounts and rebates for domestic travel, shopping, and also for eating at on-campus and nearby restaurants. In addition, they organise various social activities like parties with live bands, sports programs, orchestras and student theatricals.

Health Care
Many universities mostly the ones run by the central government, have student health care centres. These are however equipped only for preventive health care services. If anyone is in need to intensive health care treatments, they have to avail other facilities in the country.  Most local student unions also help applicants who apply on an individual basis to find suitable accommodation.