Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Instituted in 1944 Fashion Institute of Technology is the art and design college of State University of New York.

It enjoys global recognition for its courses in art, fashion, design, communications, and business.

As for the academic structure of the institute it is broadly segregated in five schools. The School of Art and Design is the one which proffers 17 major degrees in various tracks of fashion, art and design.

Around 3800 students attend these classes. Then, there is the Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology where no less than 4000 students congregate for 10 majors which concentrate heavily over business aspects of fashion and associated streams.

Next in line is the School of Continuing and Professional Studies which offers various credit and non credit courses along with courses for working people. Next one is the School of Graduate Studies that offers specifically designed courses meant to advance the mission of the institution.

Last in the line is the School of Liberal Arts which focuses on preparing students in a way that they can perform their duties in today’s diverse cultural scenario. The School imparts training in humanities, communication skills and different aspects of social and natural sciences.

As a matter of fact, Fashion Institute of Technology gets counted among the most fashionable of US educational institutions. Through its globally acclaimed learning process the institute imparts in its students an astute career focus, completely universal outlook towards work and more important than everything else, a creative thought process.

In the current academic year institute has put the tuition fees at $5,438 for In-State students and $13,820 for Out-State students.

The Fashion Institute of Technology puts to use all its resources to turn its students into highly demanded successful professionals. Campus of the institute is spread over nine buildings.

These give space to classrooms, design workshops, various labs, and television and radio studios and not to forget the international standard exhibition galleries. No surprises, it is right there among the best five fashion institutes of the world.

The Institute is accredited to the Foundation for Interior Designer Education Research, the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and the Middle States Association of Colleges and schools.