Film School programs for you

Just like professional acting, professional film directing and editing is also a lucrative career decision.  While going for an academic program in film may not ensure a successful career in reality, as your success really depends on your passion for film making. There are many big names in film directing in United States, and choosing the best one can often be tedious job.

Film schools may offer you a degree program or a diploma. Just like in acting the degree programs available include BFA & MFA.  But mostly you would be required to have an undergraduate degree for applying to a Film School.

The course curriculum usually is flexible in these film schools, everyone has scope for learning directing films, producing films, editing films, or any other activity of film making. The major area of learning in these Film Schools include, cinematography, Film Production, Film Directing, Film Production Design, Set Design, Screenwriting for Films, Film Editing  and working with Actors.

Types of Film Schools: There are three major types of film schools depending upon the career options a student has. The most famous and opted one is the Industry film school. These schools prepare a prospective student for a career in Hollywood and also teach the marketing aspects of film making, which is how best to sell your movie ideas to others like the producers or distributors.

The second type of school is the independent film schools. These schools help a prospective student in film making and filmselling outside the scope of Hollywood.

The third type is the experimental film school. These schools are typically known to teach the artistic aspects of film making and do not hence indulge in the financial and marketing aspects of film.

Before joining any particular Film school research every bit about the school, because not all schools are recognized or have a serious effect in the film industry. Go for schools or colleges affiliated with major universities and check the list of faculties. As a prospective film student you would like to attend the classes of those faculties having real experience in the film industry.

The application process for getting admitted to these Film Schools include resume writing which should show your advanced writing capabilities. You should also be well prepared in behavioral skills as that aspect will be tested as to how you behave with fellow artists.The most important application item is a sample movie of 10 minutes duration prepared and directed by you. Some schools may also ask you to prepare a screenplay, script writing or a storyboard with animations and photographs.
Some of the leading names  in USA include New York Film Academy, Los Angeles Film School, Boston University Film School, The Art Institute, Full Sail University, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, Brooks Institute of Photography, Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, San Jose State University, Columbia University School of the Arts etc