First Day Of College Life

You need to be prepared for this day, not just academically but socially too. You might be a whizkid or average at studies, but you do need a friendly environment to live on. The thought of been all alone in a campus can give nightmares to many. How to make more friends and fewer enemies at your new college campus? The problem doubles up when you are in the midst of strangers from different cultures, background and languages. Here are a few tips to gel up with your fellow classmates and enjoy your best days.

First of all, get all information you can about your new campus, browse, check with others details like; college layout, class location, any specific college rules, names & details of professors, campus organizations to join as per your taste, eateries, parking rules etc
If you are an extrovert it might be in your blood to make friends. But if you are an introvert who always hesitates to break the ice first, then all you need is a smile. Chances are that others will get attracted and make conversation with you.

If you use a vehicle, always be at your best driving behavior. Drive slowly, stop whenever traffic is more rather than blowing the horn and make others notice you for all the wrong reasons.

Inside the class: If you are a bright student, do not show off your abilities to make the best first impression. Remember you are not here for your first interview. Take things slowly, or else you might enter into the hate book of many. Always offer help to those near you in understanding what is been taught. Be patient and listen to them. You may not know how many others are observing you.
If you are a not-so-bright student, smile and respectfully ask for help from your neighbor. Do not disturb them with too much enquiries. Use words like “please”, “Sorry to disturb but …”etc. And always thank your neighbor politely.

Finally make sure to dress smartly, and attend all orientations, remember and acknowledge all your residence hall mates you see inside the campus and interact with your professors. Avoid getting homesick by having positive thoughts about your year ahead. Take things slowly, you cannot do everything the first day. And finally, do not generalize your freshman year based on what’s going to happen on your first day.