Fitness Trainer as a career option

Fitness is the prime concern of health conscious people. Keeping fit and healthy is the tagline. But many fall in the category of being lazy to do their work outs and need trainers to motivate them.

Whether it is for shedding a few pounds or just to get a flat tummy to fit into their favorite dress or a swimsuit, a fitness trainer can make it a realistic goal.

Fitness Trainers with excellent communication skill, empathizing with others problem, motivating and incorporating new technology and wellness holds the key to be a successful trainer.

Fitness Workers are in high demand their work involves guiding, motivating and training the people for exercise activities. Different type of exercises such as cardiovascular exercise, stretching exercise, weight bearing exercise is conducted by the Fitness Worker either individually or in groups. They find opportunities in Yoga and Pilate studios, health clubs, country clubs, client’s home, resorts hospitals and universities. They render their service in workplaces to enhance fitness in employees through health and fitness program.

Personal Fitness Trainers work at a different level, they reach out to small number either in a gym or at home. Basically they gauge the persons physical fitness, initiate them to fitness goals. Their work also involves monitoring the client’s progress towards physical fitness and advises them on lifestyle modification.

Aerobic exercise, muscle conditioning and stretching exercise with choreography and music are monitored by the Group Exercise Instructors; two popular exercises are the Pilates and yoga.Fitness Directors supervise and manage the fitness centre or health club overlooking the training aspect of members, deciding on the fitness equipment, hiring fitness staff etc.

Education and Training: Fitness trainers require a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science or Physical Education. For Certification it has to be accredited by National Commission for

Certifying Agencies. Recertification is done after 2 years through continuing education. For management positions Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Physical Education, Exercise Science with a management course can boost career in managerial level, though some organizations would prefer a Master’s Degree.

Career opportunities: There is potentially high growth for Fitness Trainers, which is a thriving profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a great increase in the opportunities of Fitness Trainers.


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    i am interested in working in health line i have experienced around 5 year

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