Flight Attendant Job Description

Air hostesses or flight attendants are employed by commercial airlines to work inside the air craft when it is in flight. Federal laws have established the presence of flight attendants on board to ensure public safety by looking after the physical welfare of the travellers. They are also required to keep a check on the passengers and avoid them from violating airline safety rules.

They also help by serving foods and drinks, assisting in case of illnesses and providing information regarding flight details and safety regulations.

The job is an amalgamation of following customer service while sticking to the guidelines mentioned by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The flight attendants are required to be part of a briefing that takes place with the pilot before each flight. The pilot lets the crew members know the flight plan and discusses weather conditions and their duties while in flight. The pilot will also take them through emergency evacuation methods for the particular make of craft. Based on this meeting the flight attendants are expected to prepare their in-flight agenda.

Before the airlines starts with the procedure of boarding the passengers, the flight attendants check the craft for first aid kits and emergency equipment, adequate quantity of food and beverages, blankets, pillows and ear muffs; all the things that might be required by the passengers during the course of the flight.

When the passengers start boarding the plane, the flight attendants have to do a mandatory check of their boarding passes. They welcome the passengers on board and help them with their seats in case of confusion and assist in storing hand baggage in the over head compartments of the craft.

This is followed by brief information to passengers on in-flight regulations and safety measures. Once the plane is ready for take-off the attendants will ensure that all passengers are seated with their chairs and tray tables in proper position. They will also check all passengers for seat belts.

There are no fixed hours of work when are a flight attendant. You are required to work in any shift throughout the clock. There are no fixed holidays either. Shifts for domestic flights last nearly 10-14 hours while those for international flights go beyond that. Airlines take care of food and accommodation for flight attendants who travel outside their home cities.

A high school diploma is the mandatory educational requirement though college degree holders are preferred.