Food Technology Jobs

Food science and technology is a rapidly rising field and there is a great demand for well qualified and experienced food technology professionals. In today’s fast paced life, processed food and energy drink is the gross domestic product in every household. The consumer wants food which is nutritious blended with quality.

Food science contributes to our specific needs through food technology.

Food technology is the application of food science to give wholesome nutritious food. It involves techniques of preserving, processing, packaging and distributing the food products.

Opting to be a food technologist is a good career option. Excellent organizational skills, manual dexterity and keen detailing in scientific and technological development of food are important qualities for careers in this field. Food technologists need to upgrade their skill and information to benefit and safeguard public health.

The job of food technologist is interesting and challenging. They study the physical, chemical and microbiological composition of food to research new products by preserving the flavor, natural color, texture and nutritive value of the food.. Their job entails following the raw materials stage through to the finished product by keeping a check on the quality control, meeting the food standards, addressing the issues of safety and quality.

They also need to research the current market trend in food products and latest technologies to bring new food products to the fore. Innovation blended with quality and taste is the key factor in the success of a food technologist

Educational requirements: A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to be a food tech. To be absorbed into teaching position in a university a Master’s degree or PhD is essential.

Career opportunities: Food technologist can find ample job opportunities in food industry, food research laboratories, food companies, health drink manufacturing unit etc. They can be absorbed as Food Scientist, Food Inspectors, Food Analyst, Production Supervisor, Quality Control Executive, serve as Consultants, join Academia or Federal Government Agencies.

It is a rewarding job; there is growing demand for Food Technologist. With so many new food products entering the market on a regular basis, there is always a requirement for the expertise of an experienced Food Technologist.