French, Liberal Arts, Business & Arts Programs

This program has the objective of making good teachers of French literature and arts that could further perform their duties in the Universities and colleges within France and also in other countries. There are many options available to the students to choose from either to do masters or Ph D In these subjects.

Students can even get their graduation done in Film, Art, History, Drama, and French literature. French literature is very vast expanding from Middle Ages to the present culture or you could keep your study specific to Women related programs. Francophone literature contains lots of knowledge in it and it keeps on updating by the University library staff.

The separate program in linguistic can award you degree in M.A or postgraduate, this contains foreign language associated with French linguistic and romantic literature. These are further diversified into other branches of Sociolinguistic program which also relates with Spanish literature and Anthropology. The bachelor program of arts & Business provides students with equal opportunity to go after graduation to do masters in either in business or arts. It also have History, And political science and foreign culture studies.

The flexible and easily accessible courses allow students to work part time with their studies. Many people who have left Universities due the problem of earning money can join it and can do both things together with flexible time available. These are most suited to people who are fond of old things history archives of ancient Kings and their states things. They can indulge themselves in social causes to help voluntarily to such causes and can work in Museums. And it is also helpful to research on some specific age of history.

The student exchange program makes students to go to other countries in colleges which have collaborated this program. So students from across the globe can come to France and French students can to America, Asia and other Europe countries to learn different cultures. Literature is a very deep and mature field students at their early years of study became so mature that the professors want them to assist n their work and teaching program that enhances there skills of teaching and delivering lectures with efficiency. It also help them in the progress of their career and the experience can help them to get good teaching jobs in different universities in the world.