Future in Service Marketing

A service is a deed, a process or a performance and the concept is different from customer service. Customer service is the service provided in support of a company’s core products, and today service marketing is not delimited to traditional components of the marketing communication mix. It is no longer an imperfect presentation of the product and services that created inconsistent brand image.

Good number of media relations, efficient message creation tools and techniques, proper research and in depth information about the target audience go into it.Anyone looking for a career in service marketing should be ready to invest time and energy demanded by the communication of the same. In addition to this, it demands one to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages associated with different mediums that can be used for its promotion and relations building with the customers.

Services’ marketing requires one to understand the difference between a good and a bad service and the challenges offered by this sector; to know the concept of services and identify the trends in this sector from time to time. One needs to convince oneself and the management about the requirements for the introduction of special services marketing concepts and practices on regular basis so as to hook on the target audience. In addition to all this, service marketer should explore upon the profound impact of technology on service sector.

These helps in keeping pace with the changes in dynamic market and take innovative steps with regard to marketing strategies, so as to increase the return on investment. Some one who is really looking forward to work in service marketing sector must know about the different categories in the decision making process that influence the customers.

They should know that how the communication from a marketers end results into a consumers reaction and what all goes inside consumers’ mind that compels him/er to go for purchase and consumption of that service. This field also requires one to be aware of different controllable and uncontrollable sources of customer expectations with respect to a service and the updated issues that surround customer expectations. Field of service marketing demands one to be aware of all the above mentioned issues and be capable of handling them as and when one comes across them.