Georgia State University

Georgia State University was established as early as 1913 and was started with an intention to establish a new science in business. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, this public university was a non-residential university but after the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, the Olympic Village was converted into student residential complex. The universities aim is to provide quality education and a proper ambience for research in various inter-disciplinary fields for a diverse group of students. The institute admits students from all over the country and enrolls students from more than hundred foreign countries.

 Colleges/Schools: The University offers two hundred and fifty programs in various fields and houses six colleges. They are as follows: College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, Andrew Young College of Policy Studies, J.Mack Robinson College of Business, College of Law and College of Health and Human Sciences. The University offers various interdisciplinary courses too and research is an integral part of the Universities agenda. The University also offers programs at various levels namely the under-graduate, graduate and post graduate levels.

Research: Being one of the leading public Universities in Atlanta, the University gets huge grants from public and private sources and conducts extensive research in the field of biotechnology, astronomy, economics, public health, digital arts, international development, risk management, education, drug design and language studies. The infrastructural facilities of the university related to research are ever growing and more contributions related to business practice research are expected in the near future.

General Information: Like any other University in the United States, the Georgia State University too has a football team and encourages sports personnel in a big way. Men’s and women’s basketball is also famous apart from tennis, soccer, track and field events and volleyball. The University also has a common library along with a College Law library. The common library has more than one million volumes of books for reference apart from journals, periodicals and electronic books. The law library has its own collections of legal books which facilitates researchers to work on legal matters or prepare for classes. The university also has its own alumni club and actively and enthusiastically organizes events for its alumni every year.