Great Memory Tips for Students!

It’s exam time, and there’s a strange fear that grips you right from the word go. What if you missed out something? What if you are unable to clear the last minute doubts? Worse, what if you forget your lessons?  It is when you wish for a magic pill that can help you memorize whatever you have mugged up. In fact, this can even happen when you have to make an important presentation, speech or any other stage item which involves the presence of others. If your memory power acts villainously, fight against it. Here’s a list of methods that can help you retain your memory power.

Many researches have proved that if you make it a daily routine to study the lessons taught that particular day, your chance of forgetting it decreases to a greater extent. You should understand the fact that there is no particular way to learn something. Do it in your own way and only this will help you in the long run.

Read Out Loud

One of the most common ways to remember your lessons is by reading out loud. This is because, when you read out something, you can hear it and this makes the difference. Try repeating the same stuff with full concentration many times. Take breaks in between, come back and repeat the same stuff. Your brain will automatically register your sounds and this in turn will help you to a great extent.  You can also try reading out loud in front of a mirror, by which you can hear and see what you are saying. The more the senses are involved in the learning process, the more the memory power gets strengthened up.

Associative Method

Try associative methods when you are studying. This simply means to associate the information with something you are familiar with. For example, you find it hard to remember the word ‘Barbeque’. You can associate it with you favorite doll ‘Barbie standing in a queue’. Imagine the situation and study the word. You will never forget the word. Similarly you have to remember a number 998084, just split the number 99-80-84 or 998-084, whichever way you find it easy and try learning it. If asked, anyone of us can say that the rainbow colors are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. This is because we have learned it as VIBGYOR, which makes it easy for us to remember.

Write and Discuss

Writing is a great way to help you remember things. Try to write down whatever you have learned in a piece of paper. Use color pencils if you like, this is because colors can boost your memory power to a great extent.

You can also discuss lessons with your friends or any one else who can help you with your studies. This will help you get a better and different view on the topic you are learning. This will also aid in broadening your thinking process.

Eat Better, Sleep Best

A nutritionally rich diet and a sound sleep are very essential for a healthy mind. Never compromise on these, no matter whatever happens.

Following these simple steps will definitely help you improve your memory power. So, say bye to exam fears and enter the hall with a smile!

Babitha Balakrishnan