Harvard Law School

One of the oldest law schools of US, the Harvard Law School was established in the year 1817. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to the north of Harvard Yard. The new Dean of the School is Martha Minow who took the charge from Elena Kagan, currently serving as Solicitor General of the United States.
Harvard Law School alumni include the current US President Barack Obama, Congressmen Russell Feingold, Michael Crapo and Charles Schumer and a host of other Federal judges.

Every year approximately 1900 students attend Harvard Law School. There are more than 100 full time faculty and 150 guest faculty at Harvard Law School.  The School curriculum boasts more than 260 courses and seminars every year. The applications of prospective students are screened based on transcripts, work experience, extracurricular & community activities, letters of recommendation, essays, LSAT score etc.

The campus has excellent facilities/dormitories for on-the-campus living, law library with more than 2 million volumes, student center, classrooms, faculty offices, study areas and the popular Hemenway Gymnasium.
The Academic programs include degree in JD (Juris Doctor), LLM and SJD (Doctor of Juridical Science). The curriculum ensures that students graduate with a minimum of 40 hours of free public service.  The first year curriculum includes courses on criminal law, contracts, civil procedure, torts, legislation and regulation, property etc, a spring elective course in international or comparative law and Legal Research and Writing (LRW). Students of Harvard Law School also get the opportunity to represent clients in actual cases under the supervision of staff attorneys.

Apart from these degrees there are special hybrid programs like Joint JD or Masters Degree with Harvard Business School, School of Public Health, Kennedy School of Government and Graduate School of Design. Also JD and Phd Degree with Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, JD and LLM with Cambridge University (Faculty of Law) in England are available. Apart from these, the School also has a one semester study abroad program.

The cutting edge research center at Harvard Law School helps visiting scholars and researchers to perform their best in areas of civil rights, human rights, East Asian Legal Studies, Islamic Law, international financial systems, law and economics, cyberlaw, negotiation etc. Similarly other notable programs include the Summer Academic Fellowships, Visiting Assistant Professor program, residential academic fellowships, post graduate research fellowship and non residential fellowship.

More than 700 employers attend the campus placement programs every year at Harvard Law School. The Office of Career Services (OCS) and the Bernard Koteen Office of Public Interest Advising also help in career planning for students. Harvard Law School also has a Student Financial Services unit for meeting the financial difficulties of its students.
Needless to say, Harvard Law School is considered the best law teaching institution in the world.