Higher Education – Need for a Master’s Degree

Education is the key that has the potential to unlock your future. While in the developing countries, even basic education is a challenge, irrespective of whether the society in question is a developing one or a developed nation, there is a sharp decline in the number of students who take up further education after schooling and graduation. With every stage of rise in the level of education, right from primary education to secondary education, graduation and post graduation, the number of students who go on to complete the next level of courses decreases. So, why should you go for higher education and what do you stand to gain with post graduation under your belt?

For starters, competition for the right job in the right organization today is tougher than ever before. For every job position that is advertised for, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants who try their luck. In effect, the chances of your being called for a job interview decreases drastically, right at the outset. With a postgraduate degree, not only do you cut out a huge chunk of your competition by marking yourself apart from the rest, but you also make yourself eligible for those positions that require a master’s degree as a desirable feature.

Another important reason as to why you need to go on to complete your post graduation is that, your postgraduate degree is your only chance to specialize in your chosen career option. Undergraduate courses are meant to be teasers, giving students a broad overview of what graduate education is like, and equipping graduates with the basic knowledge to face the competitive world. However, your opportunity to be a specialist in your field arises only with post graduation.

Further, post graduation lets you illustrate not just your specialized knowledge on the subject but also to demonstrate the seriousness that you have towards your career, to your prospective employers. Employment is a much more serious business than a college degree and employers would want to be convinced that you have the right aptitude and the attitude in you to complete the tasks entrusted to you as per your job specifications. In effect, with a postgraduate degree, you project yourself as a serious candidate for the position applied.

To complete your post gradation immediately after your graduate course is a good option. But, if you are thinking of working after your graduation, that’s good enough – but do make sure you take time out of your work to complete your master’s degree very shortly, before you lose your appetite for fresh knowledge and learning.