Hospitality courses at HTMi, Switzerland

The name HTMi may not be the most famous and well-known when it comes to hospitality and hotel management courses but it is indeed one of the finest institutes in the world offering courses in the field.

The name stands for Hospitality and Tourism Management Institute (HTMi). HTMi is located in Switzerland.

The country itself is very well known all over the world for the superb levels of hospitality it offers to the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit it every year. It comes as no surprise then, that of the students from close to 65 countries who come to Switzerland to study various disciplines every year, a huge chunk comes to study hospitality, hotel and tourism management.

HTMi, being one of the premier institutes in the field in Switzerland, hogs a major part of the limelight as far as hotel and hospitality management courses go. In this article, we aim to give some information regarding the various course offered by the Hospitality and Tourism Management Institute (HTMi). Read on for more information.

The HTMi has a simple mission. It says – ‘Come as a student, leave as a manager’. The HTMi inherently makes good hospitality and tourism managers out of the students who enter the gates of the institute. The Hospitality and Tourism Mangement Institute is located in Soerenberg in Switzerland. As it has affiliations to both the government of Switzerland as well as to global bodies in the field, a course from HTMi is as well recognized in any part of the world as it is in Switzerland.

This, combined with the high levels of education and training imparted to students, makes HTMi the institute of choice for hospitality and tourism management courses for students around the world. HTMi provides training to students by helping them in achieving practical know-how. For this purpose, students work in two traditional Swiss hotels during the training. The hotels have all the major amenities a modern hotel needs, so that students are not found deficient in handling any situation in their future jobs.

The main schools and faculties at the HTMi are:

  • The International Hospitality Research Center
  • The School of International Hotel and Tourism Management
  • The International Center for Events Management Training
  • The Center for Culinary Management
  • The Center for Career Management

The courses offered at the Hospitality and Tourism Management Institute reflect the over all completeness of the training the institute provides. There are not only undergraduate level degree and diploma programs, there are post graduate level diplomas as well as MBA in hospitality management offered by the institute. It is one of the best in the world as far as hospitality, tourism and hotel management go. If you wish to pursue a career in this field, Switzerland is one of the best places to go for training and HTMi is one of the best institutes to get you on-track for that career in hospitality you always wanted.



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    Im Vikas Rao from INDIA. I have done graduation and I want to do PG diploma in Hotel Management from switzerland without IELTS test. So Please could you give me any Information about this.