How about being an Advertising Copywriter

You would have definitely read a newspaper that has advertisements. Have you seen an advertisement that has been worded so smartly, that it captures your attention, and actually makes you read it?

If yes, then you are looking at a piece of work that an advertising copywriter has done. Advertising copywriting is the use of words, images, and essentially ideas to convey a marketing message creatively and effectively to an audience.

Who can be an advertising copywriter?
Anybody with a creative bent of mind and a flair for creative writing can be an advertising copywriter. The field of advertising is competitive, and only the best will climb up the ladder. So you need to assess yourself and ask yourself if you have the skills, and consistency to deliver great advertising messages.

Where does an advertising copywriter work?
An advertising copywriter can work in advertising companies or advertising agencies. They can also work in corporate communications or public relations departments of multinational companies as an in-house copywriter. These copywriters can also be called as marketing copywriters.

What are the kinds of advertising that require a copywriter?
Almost all kinds of advertising require copywriters. The kinds that need copywriters are outdoor advertising, business advertising, print advertising, magazine advertising, internet advertising, billboard advertising, television advertising, movie time advertising and so on.

What does an advertising copywriter do?
An advertising copywriter creates ideas for conveying a message to an audience. This message will have pre-defined results. Therefore the idea should assist the message to fulfill the result.

An advertising copywriter apart from writing can also create images that go along with the text. Apart from this an advertising copywriter can also write scripts for radio jingles, advertising jingles, television promotions, television ads and so on.

A career in advertising

A career in advertising is fruitful. If you have the right endowments, and the passion to achieve excellence, then even the sky cannot limit your progress. Advertising copywriters can also be art directors if they have good visual communication skills. The career progression of a copywriter is as follows…
Trainee copywriter > junior copywriter > copywriter > senior copywriter > copy head > copy supervisor > assistant creative director > creative director

Advertising copywriting is well paid. If you have ideated on popular campaigns then the media will recognize you.