How To Avail Actuary Grants

How To Avail Actuary Grants Actuary grants are financial assistance that is provided to actuaries who work in the field of finance and are involved in related research programs. Actuaries are professionals who are skilled with the competency of applying statistical and mathematical calculations in order to access possible risks in finance and insurance industries.

Actuary grants can be offered either by private or by government organizations. The funds are provided to encourage scientific development and research in the field of Actuarial science. Practitioners, graduate students and researchers are eligible for availing the grant.

Basic Information For Availing Actuary Grants

The Actuarial Foundation

The Actuarial Foundation is located in the state of Schaumburg in Illinois. The Foundation offers a number of prizes and financial grants to both organizations and individuals.

How To Apply?

Applicants interested in availing a grant from the foundation have to present a letter with the purpose of application, highlighting the features of the research project that the individual is involved or planning to focus on. An approximation of the cost of the research has also to be mentioned.

Along with the letter of intent, applicants will present their educational qualification certificates as well as highlights and proof of past research documents in the field of actuarial science. Some of the recent research topics that have been granted financial aid include reinsurance and risks that are related to market, liability insurance, actuarial risks, late-life mortality and credibility in actuary. The Foundation is also involved in offering grants to NEA or the National Education Association. The financial grant is used to develop mentorship associations in between the various public and private school students as well as the actuaries.

Society Of Actuaries

This is another Actuary grant that offers doctoral scholarship programs to encourage more students to participate in various PhD programs in the field of actuary science so that they can later pursue a career in academics after completing their graduation program.

Who Can Apply?

Prospective candidates should highlight features in their research project that will indicate the areas in Actuary that require further development and research.

The grant can be availed by full-time students who have already enrolled themselves in an ongoing doctoral program. Other than doctoral stipends, the above society of actuaries also adheres to personal grant applications. In such cases the financial aid for research is offered along with the ‘Actuarial Foundation’s AERF Committee’ and ‘Casualty Actuarial Society’ as well as the ‘Society of Actuaries’ and the ‘Committee on Knowledge Extension Research’. The grant can also be availed by independent researchers, practitioners and academicians.

The Casualty Actuarial Society/CAS

The Actuarial Society offers a number of grants to individual practitioners as well as graduate students. The grant has been formed along with the ‘Society of Actuaries’. The main focus of the grant is to enhance the participation and presence of underprivileged population in the field of actuarial science. Applicants can either be graduate or undergraduate students of actuarial science. Actuary grants are also available for doctoral students.

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