How to Be a Food Critic

To be a food critic requires more than just being a foodie. Read on to explore what makes a good food critic. You should have good writing skills. What’s the point of being a food critic if you can only eat and not write about it?

But your articles should read more like stories rather than a simple write up. Your articles should leave an impression on the mind of the reader and help him decide whether a new restaurant is worth visiting or not.

Be knowledgeable on food ingredients and various styles of food preparations across the globe. You should also be thorough on food and dining etiquette. Get yourself apprenticed in a professional kitchen early on. The first hand experience of food, its preparation and presentation that you will get will help you for the rest of your professional life.

Be ready to try out cuisines from all over the world. Don’t have pre-conceived notions about how a particular dish is prepared or will taste.

When you write an article describing your experience at a particular restaurant ensure to include the ambience, service of the staff, presentation of food, taste and ingredients of the dishes you tried and also the cost of eating there. The article should be an overall savoir-faire. Eyes begin feasting first. The first thing one notices about a dish is its presentation. The color, composition, arrangement, all is important to a food critic.

The preparation and uniqueness are also important factors to judge a dish on. Check with the chef if the dish was prepared using unique ingredients. If you like the techniques used in preparation of the dish don’t forget to praise the chef on his creativity.

While you are busy feasting your eyes on the dish, don’t forget the most important thing; tasting it. The taste is the only thing that will tell you the real story. Creativity will find no place if the dish turns out to be a disappointment. What do you do with a dish that looks and smells great but doesn’t sit easy on your palette? You might not like being critical of a dish but do you like eating such a dish? But you are a food critic and critique is what you do. So go ahead and rate the dish accordingly.

Get yourself contracted with a newspaper or magazine you will be writing the articles for.