How To Become A Career Guidance Counselor

The job of a career guidance counselor involves getting an in dept knowledge of the students’ area of expertise, their interests and personalities so as to advice the best career path to them. However, there are many adults as well who seek counselling from career counselors. They are manly people who are looking for a job change and want to get their options evaluated professionally. Check with your school’s career counselor on the courses and degrees to opt for so as to start preparing for your career choice of career counselor. A good choice is to undertake an undergraduate program in psychology.

Browse the websites of Graduate School Programs and select a graduate school for yourself that provides counseling program as master degree. This program should be approved and accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

Getting a master’s degree in career counseling involves completing clinical work experience under supervision. You will have to acquire a certificate from your state’s school counseling board before you can actually begin working in a school.

Many states also expect school counselors to have teaching certificates and teaching experience before they start student counseling. Check at employment office centre of your state if this requirement is mandatory in your state as well.

Career counseling also has certified speciality courses. You can work on a specific program as well depending on your interest. This specialized certificate will come especially handy in case you are planning to do private practice. Specialization can be taken up only after completing master’s degree program. Two years of work experience is also a must. You can check out the website of National Board for Certified Counselors for detailed information.

Personality wise you should be outgoing and helpful. This means that you should posses good listening skills and the knack of interacting with people to draw them out completely. A counselor can expect anywhere between $21,000 and $70,000 and sometimes even more.

Salary is also based on considerations like years of experience, job location and of course the number of professional certifications gathered over the years. Your compensation package will also depend on whether you are employed in the public or private sector.