How to Become A Chef

Being a chef is all about being creative, unique, skilled and precise. A chef should not only be able to prepare mouth watering meals but also turn the most mundane of dishes into delicacies. Much as you might like cooking it can take years before you become a highly reputed chef.

Begin working in a restaurant right from your high school. This will give you invaluable experience for later on. You might not be able to get the job of a cook but you need to start somewhere even if it means only peeling potatoes in the kitchen!

Talk to your career guidance counselor in school and find out training programs for chefs in your local area.
Get formal training in being a chef so that you can start working in a restaurant or a hotel after completion of the training program. But just a simple training isn’t enough to make you successful. You will require loads of experience to reach the top.

Training will take four years to complete. You can check out the website for American Culinary Federation and go through a comprehensive list of accredited culinary schools, certifications, internships/apprenticeships, jobs and other related organizations like five and seven star hotels.

Think about the kind of cooking that interests you. Based on your choice select your craft and kitchen. If you start working as an apprentice first there are various odd jobs you will be required to do in the kitchen. Don’t expect to become a white hat donning chef the first day itself.

As you start developing your skills and learn to work your way around the kitchen you have chances of climbing up the ladder. The hierarchy in a restaurant starts with line chef, then sous chef, head chef, executive chef and the last, master chef. This hierarchy is not followed by pastry chefs though.

Along with all this you will also have to acquire the proper education, experience and skills to be given the certificate of a professional chef by the American Culinary Federation.It is important that as a professional chef you remain up-to-date with the latest cooking methods and the gadgets involved in cooking. Subscribe for a culinary journal and magazine to brush up your knowledge every month.